Linda Ward Selbie   PHOTOGRAPHY

Self portrait with Leica Minilux,  Rawala Narlai (Rajasthan) February 2009


Anyone that has ever worked in a black and white darkroom will truly understand the seeming magic of making  photographs. Having had the opportunity to study photography way back in the last century (pre the digital age), that reality seems somewhat as if being part of the early history of the medium. While I am deeply moved by exquisite B&W photos my personal passion for image making is through seeing in colour.

Some see my pictures as nothing more than casual, random snapshots. Maybe that is so, as an artist I act as both voyeur and collector. Constant in the work are images of abundance and decay. Such is life in the process of becoming memento mori.

My current social activism is centred around reducing the influence of Iron Age tribal beliefs on culture. Gender equality is still a global lagging issue. I fought sharia in Ontario 2005 and we won a small victory

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